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World Peace Forum - May 2012, Schengen

World Peace Forum - 9 May 2011, Schengen

Peace Conference - Sorbonne 2010 (Paris)

Peace Conference - 09 May 2009

World Peace Forum 2014
EU Nobel Peace Prize 2012

The World Peace Forum congratulates the European Union for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. May the people of Europe use this unique opportunity to turn the current discussions toward the important Peace Work the Union represents.

World Peace Forum

The World Peace Forum is established as a worldwide platform to enhance the exchange of best-practice between those active in the field, i.e. peace activists and peace initiatives.  This is achieved by means of workshops, publications, projects, conferences, exhibitions and virtual activities by which we carry the message of peace into daily life.

We invite all interested parties to an annual forum in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The Forum also conducts conferences globally, carrying across the world the “Spirit of Schengen” which is the spirit of a world without borders.

RAC International Peace Festival 2014

World Peace Forum 2013

World Peace Forum 2013 will take place between the 16th May and 20th May in Perl (Germany). Check the programme and registration details.


The World Peace Forum brings together a large number of professionals of all backgrounds and from all corners of the Earth, who share their expertise as volunteers. We understand “Peace” as a “commodity” to which all human beings must have a right of access.

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