World Peace Forum gathering in Paris
WPF 2012 Programme
Saturday, May 12th Run for Unity and the Festival of Peace
  • 7.30: Méditation. Temps de prière silencieuse ouverte à tous. World Christian Community for Meditation. en communion avec la Communauté des Focolare.
  • 8.00: “The origins and idea of the Focolare Community” Breakfast Presentation with Carlos Palma, Cairo
  • 8.30 Arrival of Delegates, Welcome Coffee
  • 9.00: Interreligious Prayer with the Focolare Community Luxembourg
  • 9.00: Press Conference 

Run for Unity

  • 10.00 Visites au Musée Européen de Schengen
  • 10.15  Young people arrive
  • 10.20: “Festival of Peace”: Présentation du program de la Journée with Anny Hesius and the Youth Organization Team
  • 10.45: “Never Again”. Presentation of the Promise for a world in peace in 2012. Workshop with Metissia, Berlin
  • 10.30: “Official Opening of the Festival of Peace”   The Mayors of Schengen, Perl (Germany) and Apach (France) (tbc)
  • 11.00: Start “Run for Unity” Rallye  over 12 km from Luxembourg  to France and Germany and back to Luxembourg with 6 stops
  • Stop 1. “Yes to Responsibility” :   “Mosaik” Art Workshop avec Lau Kwok Hung, Chine et Myriam Barbara-Ziadé, Liban
  • Stop 2  “Yes to Solidarity” (AMU)
  • Stop 3  “Yes to live and family”
  • Stop 4 “Yes to Creation”
  • Stop 5  “Yes to Peace”
  • Stop 6 “Yes to a New Economy of Equality”
Programme sur place a Schengen:
  • Chess for Peace
  • 1300: Chess for Peace Festival. Blind simultaneous Chess Game


  • 16.00: Workshop: “Peace and Tolerance Education in Schools Through Chess”, Mietek Balakrz
  • 14.45 Youth arriving from the rally

Creativity Workshops

  • 14.45: “All Together”, un spectacle interactif  ou chacun viendra chanter une chanson, presenter une danse, une action ou un poeme…
  • 14.45 Dance: Bollywood Dance Company
  • 14.45 sport for peace. New games with Maria Terrazino and Carlos Palma

Run for Unity Closing Events
  • 15.50: Telephone Conference avec le Run4Unity a Belfast: « ils nous ont demandé de leur passer le témoin »
  • 16.10: Flash Mob
  • 16.20: “The Role of Young People in Building a Peaceful World”   Remarks by H.E. Jean Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg
  • 16.35: Signs of Run4Unit (six YES)
  • 16.50: First Schengen Book of Peace.
  • 17.00: Presentation of final “Catalogue of Peace Promises of the 6th World Peace Forum” with Aditya Sharma
  • 17.20: Closing Ceremony of the World Peace Forum. Thank you address by Dominicus Rohde
  • 17.30: End of Run4Unity. Departure of the Youth.
  • 18.00: Indian Dinner
  • 19.00: Dance Bollywood Dance Company
    Closing Celebration